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These may let you know if it is right for you, or if you’re better off in plain stereo. If you can’t hear the surround cues at the time stamps I mention, then Dolby Headphone may not be for you, or your headphones don’t pair up well with it. Intro on how I came to start this guide and why. Before I start, let me get a few things out of the way. I’m not a professional. I have clearly stated that is is all my opinion, with subjective preferences as well as objective ones. I wanna make an introduction on my journey into headphone gaming, and pretty much headphones in general.

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To set it up, connect the longer USB-to-mini-USB cable from your computer to the puck, then plug in the shorter cable from the puck to the headset to charge it. The receiver uses USB for both power and audio; unless you’re connecting it to a media player or other audio device, you won’t need the 3. View All 6 Photos in Gallery The headset is lightweight, though a little bulky thanks to the over-the-ear earcups, and slightly tight-fitting to boot.

Skullcandy Earbuds With Mic Manual Shop Skullcandy for top of the line earbuds and in ear headphones. Choose from a variety of designs perfect for any music lover & athlete.

Does it live up to its comfort potential? Read on to find out! Experience crystal clear game and chat audio using the latest intelligent, channel-hopping technology for interference-free wireless gaming. Superhuman Hearing – Offers players a competitive advantage by allowing them to hear soft sounds like enemy footsteps sneaking up from behind and weapon reloads off in the distance. Mic Monitoring lets players hear their own voice in the headset to avoid shouting at teammates and other players when shouting isn’t required.

Independent Game and Chat Volume Control – Players can independently adjust game and chat audio levels to their preference.

Headset uses one cable, mic wont work.

Product Features Great quality. Modern design Adjust your seating for the party — or just for you. Simple assembly; all pieces arrive to you.

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Anyone have any solutions to getting rid of static noise on the Astro Mixamp ? As far as I know, the noise is always there but not noticeable until you have the volume pot around 11 o’clock position. The Fiio E9K did a better job of hiding this static. The Woo WA7 makes the static pretty obvious, especially when there is no sound playing.

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Review Click to show The Creative Sound Blaster JAM was a personal interest of mine after a long search for something something convenient, comfortable, and budget conscious. Convenient in that it would be wireless, easy to use, and easy to transport. Comfort in that it could be worn all day with little issues, as well as my personal need to have padding that isn’t leather of any kind, whether real, synthetic, etc. The JAM, more or less, met all of these requirements.

I was also treated with a great surprise in finding out that the JAM had USB capabilities which, accompanied by the JAM software, allows users to tweak the sound to their preference with a host of presets and other sound options. The JAM feels like owning two headphones instead of one. All matte black with the exception of the cup’s exterior center surface area which are glossy black with a printed design on each cup.

From top to bottom: Starting with the headband, it is as basic as headbands come, with a textured finish on the plastic, and absolutely no padding to speak of. It’s hard to add any more about the headband, as it really is as barebones as it comes. Unfortunately, this is a detriment to it’s overall comfort, which would’ve greatly benefited from some minor padding.

The headband gives way to thin, but seemingly durable plastic extension arms that don’t have notches or markers for size indication, so you’ll have to look at a mirror if you absolutely must have both sides at the same length of extension.

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How can I switch between my on board MB audio system and my Nvidia to play thorough a Bluetooth devices? I been trying to get my Bluetooth headphones working and it not workingThis method be great to hook up some Bluetooth speakers as well TIA? Motherboards that can switch between speakers and headphones audio output by just clicking Plugging and unplugging headphones to do that service is freaking stupid.

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Long battery life: The rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of music when fully charged. Behind the left ear cup is a micro USB port for charging. An LED indicator will .

They are wireless, have 7. Fortunately Skullcandy has introduced a line of headsets giving an affordable option for their gaming audio needs. I was even able to hook it up to my iPhone 5. After some time spent with the set this past week I must say I am impressed; but are they as good as some of the more expensive sets on the market? Well not quite, but they are worth checking out and they are a much better set than I anticipated. I should note that they are wired and this will turn some people off, but before you turn your nose up at this headset, you should continue reading.

For starters the SLYR headset sounds fantastic. I actually had to turn down the volume because the default levels were very loud. I quickly launched into a game between the Saints and the Niners where I could hear every bone crunching hit, the linebackers chatter on the field, and every little grunt as players collided with one another. It made for a much more immersive experience. Right off the hop the SLYR headset was off to a good start.

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Everything Savi W M Earset. FreeShippingSpecialOffer Description The Savi series wireless headset will intelligently manage your PC-, mobile-, and desk-phone calls, and automatically update your UC presence status so that colleagues can see Plantronics Savi W M Earset. Posted by sweri juko on Skullcandy Cassette Headphones are loaded with a mic for your calls and big 40mm drivers for full, rich, brain-shaking sound.

Get up, tune in, and rock out with the Skullcandy Uprock Headphones—the latest offering from the headphone gurus that are Skullcandy. This ergonomic and adjustable headphone accommodates to all sizes of domes while the twin 40mm drivers hit hard like an anvil dropping on your cortex.

In addition to their acquisition of Astro, Skullcandy has cranked out a line of affordable gaming headsets that not only look pretty cool but sound fantastic as well. It has an MSRP of 80 dollars and I was simply blown away with the sound, comfort and overall look of the headset. The only drawback was the fact the SLYR is wired and in this day in age of gaming many prefer to go the wireless route.

I pretty much fall under that category too. When you first unbox the headset you will notice you get a handy little plug and play guide that shows you how to hook up your headset and GMX Transmitter to any Xbox , PS3 or PC. Setting up the headset was simple and I encountered no difficulties. The included USB power cable could have been a little longer given my current gaming set up; however, if your Transmitter only needs to be a few short feet away from your Xbox , PS3 or PC then you should have no issues with the length.

Yet the headset itself is wireless and charges when you plug the USB charging cable into the mixer aka:

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In his latest blog, he revealed the fate of those who can’t take the loss. This would explain why I was excited to see Capcom in attendance. This is digital dodgeball and players like me are aiming for your head. Latest Reviews Firewatch Review: Prepare for an interesting sensation Firewatch is the first game developed by San Francisco-based company, Campo Santo.

Needless to say, for this to be their first game it was certainly on fire.

A wide variety of skullcandy headphone options are available to you, such as black, beige, and blue. You can also choose from mobile phone, portable media player, and computer. As well as from bluetooth, microphone, and noise cancelling.

There is a version of these for Xbox one that come with an adapter listed as the halo version. Now as far as the review goes after 20 hours of use I can tell you: Bass is good but not overpowered, will NOT drown out the mids. Sound is crystal clear, very balanced. Watched movies, listened to music, and played games of course. Ear pads look small, but have a place for you ears inside The mic is rubber and can be bent closer to face but it doesn’t hold shape.

For me not a problem. I have the Polk 4 shot and these are better in my opinion.

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