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When did delko and calleigh start dating Miamiseveral regular and recurring cast members have made appearances on both CSI: Calleigh and the others take turns at his bedside; she places her cross necklace in his hand to show how much she cares, and is scared for him while he is unconscious Eric is Roman Catholic. Miamias were the rest of the CSI: This when did delko and calleigh start dating used by a lawyer in an attempt to prove his incompetence. Calleigh is a ballistics and tool mark specialist originally from Louisiana. She is fluent in Spanish and has a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Tulane University.

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Speed Kills is the eighth episode in season three of CSI: Contents [ show ] Synopsis A murder investigation takes Horatio and the team into the world of speed dating. Richard Laken is found killed by a tire iron outside a lounge following an evening of speed dating. The team discovers his car is covered with acetone, which traces back to one of the female guests.

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Horatio tries to find a balance between his new life, his growing romance with Calleigh and a madman out for revenge at any cost. Stolen police identities may be used for a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, a stray cat turns Rick Stetler’s life upside down while helping him solve the most dangerous case the MDPD has ever seen. Set after About Face. RaiN in later chapters. He would give anything to remember the answers.

Backstabbers by MelxxWhoLuvsYa reviews When an uncoming music sensation is attacked, the team discover the darker side of showbiz in their hunt for the assailant.

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He used to have moments when he would actually emote. Good Is Not Soft: His response to being told a adult film director suspected of murdering one of his stars has two daughters is a great example. Just out of interest. Seems to be going this way after his near-death experience. He is noticeably more vicious and ruthless, savagely beating a suspect and even letting a man fall to his death as he begged for Horatio to help him.

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The show uses its Miami setting to tell different stories to its Vegas counterpart; due to its coastal setting, the show features more water-based mysteries e. One of its oddities is Alexx, The Coroner , who liked to say, “Oh, poor baby” or words to that effect over the corpse of the week it’s established early in the series that she does it to give the deceased a sense of ‘reassurance’.

Other characters include Calleigh Duquesne, known as the “bullet girl”; Ryan Wolfe always referred to by Horatio as “Mr.

There is a new type of serial killer that has landed in Miami and the CSI team is about to have a close encounter after the killer decides to include Horatio and two of his CSI in his game. -Revised to fix the grammar and bad spelling-.

Richard Laken, an attractive man in his thirties, is participating in a speed dating party. Couples speak for five minutes and then move on to the next person. Richard isn’t having a good evening, though. He runs into an ex, Mary Kinnan, who asks him for an explanation for why he never called her. His next speed date, Rebecca Briggs, is irritated when Richard seems distracted. He complains about not feeling well. A few hours later, Horatio and Frank Tripp stand over Richard’s body in an alley near the Neuron Lounge, where Richard was speed dating hours earlier.

His car has been vandalized, indicating it’s a murder of passion.

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Early life[ edit ] Ruck was born in Cleveland, Ohio , to a schoolteacher mother and a father who worked for a pharmaceutical company. So I went up there, and I knocked around a little bit. And I guess about a year after I was out of school, I got my first job. Early on, Ruck was a prominent stage actor at many theaters around the country, including Wisdom Bridge Theatre in Chicago.

In his initial foray into film acting, Ruck appeared in Class and Hard Knocks as well as some television films. One of his other film roles was in the film Three for the Road. Ruck later appeared in the comedy film Three Fugitives. Another supporting role was of the eccentric storm chaser Robert ‘Rabbit’ Nurick in the disaster film Twister.

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Premise[ edit ] CSI: Miami follows a group of detectives assigned to the Miami-Dade Police Department ‘s Crime Scene Investigations, an elite unit operating out of the ” fictional Miami Dade police headquarters, with its eerie blue light and flickering screens”. Horatio believes that “evil is” and lives “between the perpetrators of this evil and the people who try and come between that evil and the citizen”.

A description of tropes appearing in CSI: Miami. In a world full of nasty crimes, only one man can ensure that the women of Miami continue to be able to wear .

Does not contain any relationships between the characters beyond that seen in canon. Usually stories related to cases or characters without any romantic subplot. CSI – Ship Ahoy! Contains relationships between characters of different genders i. CSI – Slashed [ ] Fanfiction related to the original show. Contains relationships between characters of the same gender i.

CSI – Bitextual [17] Stories that contain both same sex relationships and relationships between people of opposite genders.

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