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We basically wrote the script for this one. All the stuff about how Michaele isn’t really a Redskins cheerleader? In fact, though the show doesn’t admit it, it’s clear to behind-the-scenes experts like ourselves that much of this episode was taped after the White House gate-crashing incident again: Which, in Bravo time, supposedly hasn’t happened yet. Yes, more time travel. You’re excused for feeling dizzy. She told the NYT a few weeks ago the book has been back-burnered, but she said on Bravo last week that it’s coming out in December. A seemingly editing-enhanced moment of tension as they disagree on some detail. The producers, who until recently were still patching this show together, seem to be catching up on the news of the Ommanney split and layering some foreshadows into the story. Their relationship is “not always a rosy and sparkly as it seems,” Cat tells the camera bangs-less, which is to say, post-split.

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Tweet Dec 4, Have you ever been to Ojai? No, neither have I. But I have seen it on television, with its sherbert-colored mansions and golf courses, with its fancy restaurants with too-big chairs, with its badminton courts and tequilla shots. That is what Ojai looks likes. There are no shade trees, just shade.

Is LeAnn Rimes joining Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and co-starring on the reality TV show alongside her archnemesis Brandi Glanville? Andy Cohen is a businessman – and there is nothing he loves more than ratings and money. Sure, he may be “friends” with the housewives, but it is.

From how they met, to the way they get along so well and everything they have managed to build through their businesses together, it all sounds like a fairytale. As a cherry on top, their relationship never seems to get old or boring. We can often spot them walking hand in hand in the Beverly Hills sun, just like high school sweethearts.

In an interview with Parade, Lisa opened up about what has helped her and Ken manage such a strong relationship during this whole time: Of course, you have trials and tribulations like everybody else, but we have a sense of humor about things as well. He had previously been cared for by a foster family.

Max is featured on a couple songs on the album, You Can’t Wait and Sevii. Our group together is called Lifeguard. We have a lot of fun making music together. As an adoptive mother in his younger years, I felt threatened at the prospect of him searching for his biological family, wondering if a bloodline might usurp his feelings of the familial bond that we had created.

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills December 26, by Caren Having been stuck in the business of opening a restaurant for the last couple of months another story for another time , my life has become just restaurant and construction work, day in and day out. There are others, like New Jersey, Atlanta, etc. Sure, according to the Best hookup sites , there are some who live like this in Beverly Hills, but for the most part B.

Yolanda Foster, one of the Beverly Hills “Housewives,” with daughter and modeling phenom Gigi Hadid (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images) “The story line would focus on the kids,” said our insider.

She speaks her mind, and I think her honesty and straightforward-ness is super damn refreshing. I so enjoy the way she supports Brandi — at first, I was troubled about Brandi, too, but I have really grown to love her. There are times that I think she needs to — in her words — shut the fuck up, and think before she speaks, but.. He seems to be a lovely, handsome man who deserves better press than her stupid remarks about her loins and how they burn to bone other men. You can SO do better!

This woman is the biggest shit-disturber that I have EVER seen, and she seems to like nothing better than to cause trouble for everyone else. Did you watch the first part of the Reunion show on Monday? The above picture is just too funny for words — please forgive my cattiness, but…come on. How can I not comment on that??! Are you kidding me??! That man deserves a prize for enduring Adrienne, one of the shrillest harpies to ever darken our TV screens I imagine that being in her presence is akin to that of the Death Eaters from Harry Potter — the air gets cold around you, and you begin feeling empty inside and bad about yourself.

He looks like he would rather be locked in a passionate embrace with Attila the Hun than with her. I rather love Ken, Lisa, and their little dog, too what up, Giggy?!?!!

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Part Deux” that fell completely flat — probably because we have no idea what Brandi said about Adrienne. By Rebecca Shapiro Spoiler alert: This is probably because Brandi’s “bombshell” was still edited out of the entire show. You pull this with not one, but two episodes? I do not appreciate it. We were reminded of Adrienne’s whole Brandi “slept till 3:

Taylor knows she needs to ask Lisa about the Us Weekly article, but now is not the time. Maybe there will be another party where Taylor can shriek and cry while Lisa blinks at her in utter confusion.

This is the way to see the world, people. Travel to a foreign land and still be home in time for Leno. The Big Event was finally here. Or at least the second biggest one if you count the upcoming Wedding. Or maybe even third, actually, if you count the highly anticipated, though nervously stalled for eight episodes, first appearance of Russell Armstrong in what will undoubtedly go down in TV history as one of the most awkward and uncomfortable voices from the grave scenes ever.

Lisa and her live-in dog walker, husband Ken, have ample room in their home to host any party. Casa Vanderpump is ginormous, in a crazy Architectural Digest meets the Barbie aisle at Target kind of way. Let him clean up after everyone leaves. Not to be outdone, Taylor is planning another birthday party for 5 year old Kennedy. Taylor took some heat last time for the over the top Wonderland Crazy Hat birthday party she threw that involved everyone but her daughter, so this time she is working the family friendly angle.

Label junkie Dana meets her for some taste testing and design discussion at the bakery. I swear the only person who wants to get into that house more than Dana is Kelsey, and he probably stands a better chance of spending the night.

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Even for Real Housewives, divorce can be a fact of life. This list answers the frequently-presented question: Bravo started the Real Housewives series in with group of well-off housewives from Southern California. Fans tuned in as the women lived extravagant lifestyles filled with plastic surgery, gossip and, of course, drama. Though many question how real what is shown actually is, one thing that’s definitely real is when the housewives divorce the men alongside which they’ve appeared on the shows.

Feb 16,  · The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reality shows are rarely covered on this blog. However, there is a mushy spot open for the Housewives franchise on Bravo.

What makes these women so fascinating is they are leading emotionally charged lives with a bank account to match their over-the-top behavior. But how rich are they, and who is the most loaded? To find out, read on. Lisa Rinna Net worth: She married a tech genius, but trouble is brewing in the Potomac. Karen Huger Net worth: Karen started the beauty and fashion company Ikon Enterprises and is also a public speaker.

Despite going to prison, this housewife hung onto millions. Teresa Giudice Net worth: She and her husband Joe were convicted of bankruptcy fraud, concealing assets and not paying taxes, according to ABC News. Joe is currently serving a month sentence.

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Glanville, who went on to become a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, detailed in her tell-all the night of karaoke when she realized Cibrian and Rimes were having an affair. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Many an eyebrow was raised when Manson began dating Evan Rachel Wood very soon after. I was dating her for like a year-and-a-half and then I just got a little bored so I went and I started getting to know Lindsay, dating Lindsay.

Lisa Vanderpump first gained fame as a cast member on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” but her full-time job is as co-owner and boss at West Hollywood, Calif., restaurant SUR, which stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant.

Karen Valby December 03, at She who is part Margot Kidder, part Paris Hilton, with just a dash of Anne Heche circa Celestia thrown in for kicks, got to finally have some fun this episode. Shall we zap away? How about instead Lisa fix you up with a fizzy little blonde with an unnatural dependence on her four kids. She came to the party in Kim-style, pure Kim, total Kim, Kim from head to toe. Perhaps it was the dress, maybe it was the extra glass of tonic water, maybe it was some new medication.

But Kim was ready to play. She disappeared for a while with a mysterious man and then accepted his odd gift of a plate of strawberry balls and banana surprise. But she rolled with it and managed not to cry or stammer too badly or call any of her kids from under the table. Poor Taylor had a tough episode. Every time her child sniffles it ratchets up her resentment toward her wooden Russell doll.

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All about Reality TV Shows! We are all just waiting for the reunion to wrap up and hoping that some casting changes are made for Season 9. Kyle was asked if her sister Kim Richards is still friends with Brandi. Kyle explained her mindset back in the day:

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Season Episode 1 “Back to Beverly Hills” Picture: ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ cast. Pic is in a photo gallery for ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ featuring pictures.

By Confidential Jul 13, 2: We’re told that by casting Angie Simpson, the mother of pop star Cody Simpson , alongside Yolanda Foster, the mother of Cody’s ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, Bravo executives and the producers of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are hoping to reinvigorate the show, cashing in on the dramatic lives of the Housewives’ kids. Advertisement Every twist and turn in Cody’s tumultuous relationship with model-turned-Hollywood It-girl Hadid — whose mother has appeared on the last three seasons of the show — has been followed on Instagram by millions of teen fans.

What’s more, Hadid’s meteoric rise in the modeling world seems to have been helped along by her family’s involvement in the reality show. Now Bravo wants a piece of the action. Online — which is owned by Bravo’s parent company, NBCUniversal — reported that Angie is “in talks” to appear on the show. The series, which is going into its sixth season, is giving its lineup an overhaul after the exits of original cast member Kim Richards — who recently entered rehab after being arrested for drunkenly kicking a cop — and scandal magnet Brandi Glanville.

Hopes are that the next generation can be a cornerstone of the rebuild. Related Gallery real housewives ‘The Real Housewives’ most attention-seeking moments Hadid and Cody certainly have the dramatic flair required for “Housewife”-hood. After dating Kylie Jenner, Simpson met Hadid on the set of a music video and dated her for a year. They’ve since broken up and gotten back together several times.

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